pátek 31. července 2015

The Globe

The world as we knew it was lost some time ago. It’s not like there was an alien invasion or those damn pieces of ice melted, no. Neither Hippies, Greenpeace or what they call themselves now, or UFO geeks couldn’t stand triumphantly and proclaim: “We warned you!”
Nope, it was only a bunch of over-grown kids, such as the president of this or that country, playing Risk1 on our globe itself instead of a board. And well, it didn’t go as they expected, everybody was surprised that the other side actually defended itself. You know, like you would if some stranger just waltzed into your house and started to break and steal everything in sight. So, it was only a matter of time until one of the attacked countries would counter-attack by high-caliber weaponry. It all started when our self-proclaimed “Peacemakers” tried to make peace with the help of nuclear warheads. They didn’t quite expect that most of the others had several of these toys hidden in sheds on their lawns. Panic spread like plague everywhere, people wanted to get into shelters as soon as possible. Naturally, there wasn’t enough room for everyone so a chain of violence and murders broke out.

Well, long story short, world population was reduced to million digits at max and the globe has turned into one big wasteland. Survivors have gathered in cities and made groups. Some of them have remained isolated by their own choice, others are trying to negotiate with each other. And then there are bandits, marauders and other scum consisting of murderers or thieves from before “The End”. I and some greenhorn are patrolling the area around our town at the moment because of them. It isn’t big but I’ve always liked it here.
I stopped and looked around. After I confirmed that nobody was in sight, I sat on a big stone in front of me and put my shotgun away.
“This may be God’s punishment,” said the greenhorn suddenly.
I think his name is Jeff or John. Anyways, I have to laugh inside. “God” he says? This is one of the best jokes I’ve heard since that mayhem.
“Why do you think so?”
It’s not like I care, actually I hate his type. But I’m bored.
“That’s obvious,” started John or what’s his name. “Humanity came down from the right path a long time ago and…”
And blah, blah, blah, typical religious rubbish. He’s talking about something like divine punishment? Is he seriously that blind that he can’t see what has really happened?! Not God, humanity brought this upon itself. Corruption, lust for power and money. That brought us to where we’re standing now. If there’s something with the privilege to be angry, it isn’t God, it’s the globe, our Mother Earth itself. But nothing can calm down this anger now, the Earth has become the place of endless survival game…
I stood up and brushed off the dust from my trousers.
“You’ll tell me that some other time, boy,” I interrupted him.
He looked in the direction I was aiming.
“We have company.”
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